Game is the star of the show

Our aim is to serve locally sourced fresh produce and ethically hunted Wild Game, which means we can provide food that is seasonal and exceptional in taste.
Open Fire Cooking

BBQ's, Campfires, Fire Pits and smokers- if it has an open flame we'll cook with it. Using open fire to cook with doesn't just give you fantastic flavour, it's the life and soul of any gathering big or small!

Roe Buck legs and Chickens 'low and slow' over the Viking Day Fire

We love adding our own stamp to crowd favorites by including Wild Game where ever possible.

Pulled Roe Buck Shoulder in BBQ Sauce with Smokey BBQ Beans
Game With A Twist

Fireside snacks are perfect when you're on the go or are able to eat a plated meal.

Pheasant cooked over the fire, served on a fire flatbread.

Although we strive to only serve you the very best game on offer, we do like to support our local farmers with more traditional fare.

Lamb Chops seared on the fire
Perfect Game Snacks

Eating with your hands is one of the great pleasures of campfire cooking.

Venison Pphilly Cheese Steak Baguette