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Our Story...

We LOVE Food and we LOVE Fire, so it seemed a good idea to combine the two! With a background in Farming and Fieldsports we try to combine the very best in seasonal produce to support our farmers and rural industries.

Having spent childhoods in the countryside and on family farms, as with most we were drawn to the bright lights of the city for work. With these bright lights comes the most amazing fusion of food and cultures, this is something that we try to bring into our cooking to contrast our back to basics fire cooking methods.

With a passion for life in the field and through our love of food, drink and good company Game Changer has evolved from fireside dreaming to reality. Game Changer is a bit of passion project for us, and at it’s core is a desire to get more people eating sustainable, ethically sourced Game meat. Whether that’s Wild Deer from a woodland stalk, Rabbit as part of a managed pest control plan or making sure game birds from big bag shoots don’t go to waste .


Here at Game Changer we all have day jobs but our passion for food and good times means we're moving towards bringing you more and more food events. Whether these take the form of our Immersive Food Experiences, a Pop-Up or a private function. We hope to bring our style of Wild Game fusion and fun to every fire we light!

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