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After months of development and testing all over the globe with a huge array of people (including deployed members of the armed forces), we are finally ready to share our latest product: Gunpowder Seasoning.
Every aspect has been thought through. Our metal container has been designed to be reusable and is hardy enough to be kept in a back pack to be used in the field. We advise you place a piece of tape over the lid if its going to be in a backpack from long periods of time, just to avoid any potential upsets with spillages.
We primarily designed this to be used on game meats, but quickly discovered it was great on all sorts of food, from hand cut potato fries, to fish and even pasta. Gunpowder seasoning will leave you with a mildly warm, flavour packed taste, which can come through on some foods with an edge of sweetness.
We advise when cooking with it for the first time, that seasoning is added slowly to taste to avoid over seasoning. Typically, no extra salt is required when cooking with Gunpowder.

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